DHCP Problems

Richard Lynch ceo at l-i-e.com
Wed Sep 29 19:56:18 PDT 2004

Newton wrote:
> Dear Friends : I'm having problems, with a 5.21 version install. After
> XFree86 troubles, finally I could see KDE. All, except internet , it's
> OK. My system is an Atlhon 1000 (T-Bird), Soyo K7-VTA-B, 256 Mb RAM, 32
> Mb Savage 4 (Savage Generic driver), Sound Blaster Live, Realtek 8139
> and 56K Lucent modem (not used). This is my first experience with
> FreeBSD, I'm a newbie. Sincerely, Newton - Curitiba - Brazil

Open up a terminal/shell and type:

dmesg | less

Search through that for something that looks like your Realtek 8139 being
correctly identified or not.

If it is identified, it should have some kind of name like rltk0 or rl0 or
rt0 or somesuch.

ls /dev

should show that name existing.

ifconfig -a

should also show that device

You should be able to do:

sysinstall -> post-install configure -> network -> rt0

and find a place to either set the card up as DHCP or to put in the IP
address you have been assigned for that device.

Hope that helps!

If any of the above don't work, post back with whatever error messages you

Oh, and if there are any lights, blinking, colored, or otherwise on the
network card, describe the lights, their colors, any markings next to
them, and whether they are off, on, or blinking when you post.

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