5.3 discs 1 & 2

yuri van Overmeeren yuri.vanovermeeren at reston.demon.nl
Wed Sep 29 12:46:58 PDT 2004

Charles Smyth wrote:

>Dears Sirs,
>The iso downloads for 5.3 has discs 1 & 2 at over 600 MB apiece. Can you give
>me a rough idea what is on disc two. In other words, will discs 1 and 2 have
>an application suite similar to slackware 10.0.
>Charles Smyth.  

For installing FreeBSD from cd you need either the miniinst.iso (a 
minimal install, just the base system) or the disc1.iso (same as 
miniinst.iso but with lots of extra packages). disc2.iso is a rescue 
disc, a sort of live cd for FreeBSD.

The disc1.iso image contains a selection of packages. other/more (all) 
packages can be installed via the FreeBSD mirrors. You can use 
sysinstall or pkg_add to do this.



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