Which Development Environment/Tools For FreeBSD + PostgreSQL Service?

Sheets, Jason (OZ CEEDR) jason.sheets at hp.com
Wed Sep 29 11:05:30 PDT 2004

It sounds like you are wanting to research Unix development tools in
general not just BSD as they are fairly standard and widely available
for Linux/BSD.

It seems like you've selected c or c++ by the exclusion of the other
languages, if you are not happy with c or c++ perhaps you should
re-evaulate the other languages and really determine why you excluded
them and also your needs, if you need a real time solution that will
eliminate a lot of them right off the bat.

I'm not sure I would characterize the extensive use of pointers as a
disadvantage when used correctly they work well, regardless of the
language you choose you will need to keep an eye out for dangerous
utilization of language features.

There is a wealth of information on writing better code using a variety
of methods including code review, code guidelines, etc that are outside
the scope of my message.

Pretty much all the GNU development tools are available on BSD,
autoconf, automake, gcc, gdb, the front ends to gdb, kdevel (KDE
programming environment). I encourage you to look in /usr/ports/devel
and lang.

Borlands C++ BuilderX IDE is nice because it works on Window, Linux and
probably on BSD through the Linux compatability layer and is able to
take advantage of pretty much every tool chain available including GNU.
Kdevel is also nice, there is also gvim, emacs and a wealth of other
editors both commercial and open source so it really depends on the
features you need and the overhead you are willing to run with.

I use scons (http://www.scons.org/) for the build infrastructure instead
of gmake, and then use gcc for the compiler.  I use subversion or CVS
for version control needs.

There is also distcc and ccache that allow you to do distributed/cached
builds across the network/development environment.


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> Subject: Which Development Environment/Tools For FreeBSD + PostgreSQL
> Service?
> Hello All,
> We are a company looking for a good development environment/tool(s)
for a
> service-type application. The OS is FreeBSD and the database will be
> PostgreSQL. The first emphasis is placed on reliability, with
> emphasis on performance. Third in importance would be the richness of
> language/features and avoidance of "plumbing" code.
> - Is this the right place to be asking about development tools? Since
> involves FreeBSD, we thought it might be appropriate.
> - We do not need any GUI. The programs will either run from the shell,
> as services.
> - C/C++ comes to mind, but which flavour of compiler/debugger/third
> add-ons/editor? An advantage here is the fact that this language is
> established which should improve reliability to some extent (if we are
> careful with pointers). A disadvantage would be the extensive use of
> pointers, the cryptic and unreadable look of the code and the fact
> C/C++ is getting a bit long in the tooth.
> - We are considering the Borland tools (JBuilder/Kylix) since we are
> familiar with Borland tools and like their database connectivity, rich
> components and elegant looking code (less plumbing). But on the other
> hand, we don't need any GUI, and we had some problems in the past with
> reliability. Do you have any thoughts on this?
> - We would prefer not to use ODBC/JDBC, and instead interface directly
> the database. We had some bad experience in the past regarding
> and performance. We can either use the library provided by Postgres or
> write our own wrappers to make things more readable.
> - We would prefer not to use an interpreted language such as Python,
> and Perl etc for performance reasons. We know that Java can be
> but is it a good solution without using JDBC? How about reliability?
> Are there any particularly elegant solutions you have experience with?
> Thank you for your help.
> Tom
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