FreeBSD hardware specifications

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Wed Sep 29 09:20:24 PDT 2004

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On Wednesday 29 September 2004 04:12, annuar wrote:
> I'm interested on FreeBSD (download the 4.10) and would like to
> install it either on this machine or a new machine. 

If you are a new FreeBSD user, you might want to wait a week or two and 
download the 5.3 release. 5.x versions have been available for some 
time as new technology releases, but 5.3 will be a stable release.
Lets be real. Anything with "FreeBSD 5.x" and "stable" in the same context
is an oxymoron. It MAY be stable, IF it works on your motherboard, and IF
you don't use a card that hasn't been tested, and IF there are no buglets in 
your bios and IF the stars line up in a pattern that looks like your 
grandmother. Try freebsd 4.10. Unless you're in some kind of hurry to go gray.

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