Gnome administrative interface

knowtree at knowtree at
Tue Sep 28 18:28:41 PDT 2004

I am looking for ways to smooth out administrative tasks under Gnome. 

Is there a way to configure applications or menu launchers so that when an
application requires administrative rights it will prompt, in a nice dialog
box, for the administrator password? For example, on my system,
Applications / System Tools / Login Screen Setup produces an error dialog
"You must be the super user (root) to configure GDM." But I don't want to
log on as root, and I don't want to require people to open a terminal
window and fool around with su and sudo to make it happen. I want it as
smooth as it is in OS X. Has anyone done this?

Is there a nice, Gnome-like GUI tool for managing users, groups, printers,
and network shares? I know about SWAT and WebMin, but what I seek is the
Gnome family equivalent. 

Gary Dunn

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