newsyslog.conf question

Garance A Drosehn gad at
Tue Sep 28 16:04:11 PDT 2004

At 7:38 AM -0700 9/28/04, Ronnie Clark wrote:
>Hello all,
>Having read the man page for this file's
>configuration, I notice there is not an option to
>digitally sign the logs on rotation using PGP/GPG. Is
>there a workaround? or are there plans to add this
>functionality to future versions, like 5.3 -STABLE?

That is not on my list of things to add to newsyslog, but
I could certainly put something for this on the list...
If I do it, it will show up in 5.3-stable, and possibly
even in 4.x-stable (although that is less likely once we
have 5.3-stable).  What I might add is some generic way
to specify a program to run after a log file has been
rotated, where newsyslog will specify the name of the
(already rotated) log file when it runs the program.

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