Backup Mail Server Questions

Nico Meijer nico.meijer at
Tue Sep 28 11:28:50 PDT 2004

Hi Bill,

> When I have a choice of punishing idiots or smart people, I punish idiots.

When black mode is on, I just want to get them all. ;-)

When I arrange fallback MX for people/organisations, they expect their 
mail to be handled in a delicate, perhaps even 'professional' manner. No 
mail may be lost, mail must be manageable (within minutes, not hours) at 
all times.

 From the outside world, mail seems delivered when it is in fact not, 
true. However, mail *will* be delivered.

So ultimately, mail gets delivered anyhow, I get no calls. Unless it is 
a mailserver under my supervision that is down. Maybe my fallback MX 
host. ;-)

[The OT part starts here]

> I disagree just a _little_.  I don't _want_ to know, but I feel obligated
> that I _have_ to know.

You'd better make it a hobby then. ;-)

<political rant>
My country is rapidly breaking down the social structures that took 
years of hard work to build up. Health care is getting too expensive, it 
is said. As long as 'health care' only deals with sick people instead of 
preventing them becoming sick, this will indeed be the case.
</political rant>

> Write up a web page and point people to it.

There are a lot of really fine pages already available to which I indeed 
point people. My own agenda includes other stuff which will be 
benificial in other ways.

[The OT part ends here]

Thanks and bye... Nico

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