How to set source address for outgoing SSH?

Daniela dgw at
Tue Sep 28 10:31:45 PDT 2004

Hi list!

I have some problems with an outgoing SSH connection to a machine on my LAN.
Connections from the clients to the server work, but not vice versa.
The server has two NICs and the connection should normally go through the 
inside interface, but the connection is initiated with the address of the 
outside interface instead. As a logical consequence, my firewall (which is 
running on the server) drops the response, with my outside address being 
shown in the firewall logs as source for the request, and my inside address 
being shown as destination for the response. The output of sockstat(1) shows 
the inside address being used as expected.
I already examined the routing tables, to no avail. What else should I check?


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