FTP command line syntax

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Try ncFTP. GREAT commandline client with resume and more features..

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Thanks, wish I could say the same.... I'm running 4.6 on this machine. The 
man pages in 4.6 give the syntax so I assumed it would work. I tried 
"fetch" also and got a parsing error. I'll try grabbing a newer version of 
ftp and/or fetch and see if that works.

At 09:12 AM 9/28/2004, you wrote:
>In the last episode (Sep 28), Steve Suhre said:
> > I need to set up a cron job that will fetch a file using ftp and a
> > password. I've tried several versions of the commands as described in
> > the man page and the Auto-Fetch section but I'm getting an error that
> > makes me think I'm missing something...
> >
> > If I use the suggested syntax:
> >
> > ftp ftp://user:password@host/path
> >
> > I get:                Can't locate or login to host `user'
>Works for me:
>   $ ftp ftp://doesnt:exist@ftp.netscape.com/path
>   Connected to ftp.gftp.netscape.com.
>   220-35
>   220 ftpnscp.newaol.com FTP server (SunOS 5.8) ready.
>   331 Password required for doesnt.
>   530 Login incorrect.
>   ftp: Login failed.
>   ftp: Can't connect or login to host `ftp.netscape.com'
>   221 Goodbye.
>   $
>What version of FreeBSD are you running?
>         Dan Nelson
>         dnelson at allantgroup.com

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