ruby coredumping in 4.10 w. ports utils

Irvine Short irvine at
Tue Sep 28 04:52:10 PDT 2004

Hey All

What's the deal with ruby coredumping all over the place when using 
pkgdb -F and portsdb -Uu under 4.10 these days? I've read a bit about it 
and how you can possibly get around it eith either sorting the INDEX-5 
file or randomizing it with rl.

This strikes me as being a horrible kluge. Anyone got any ideas at to 
how to fix it properly?

I have it happening using pkgdb -F and portsdb -Uu on two different 
machines. I seem to have just gotten around it by removing the whole 
ports tree and cvsupping a new one on one machine, I'm going to try that 
on another as well.



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