pf for FreeBSD

Cristi Tauber cristi.tauber at
Mon Sep 27 23:55:44 PDT 2004

            hello folks,
    i want to install the packet filter for FreeBSD so i recompile the
kernel with the options :

device          bpf
options         PFIL_HOOKS
options         RANDOM_IP_ID

     and installed pf from ports ( i did a cvsup before installing to
get the latest ports). Now my dilemma is ... in pf start script ... i
have to enter a prefix ... but what prefix, 'cause after installing and
rebooting .... the modules that I want to load are still in source
directory . I installed pf with

   make  WITH_ALTQ=yes
   make install

          after a deinstall I can't install it anymore, the install
crashes with the error that is allready installed !!

               What can I do ??/


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