Problems with USB Detach

Thomas Moyer tom at
Mon Sep 27 20:09:59 PDT 2004

I have a USB Sony Clie PEG-SJ20 which I have gotten to Sync with jpilot.
However the processes that are run when the Clie is attached continue to
run even after the Clie is detached.  The processes are spawned from
usbd.conf with the attach option and should be killed by the detach
options.  None of the processes are killed though.  I'm running FreeBSD
5.2.1 Any thoughts?
Following is the usbd.conf and other pertinent files.

# Sony Clie (PDA)
device "Sony Clie"
	devname "ucom0"
	vendor  0x054c
	product 0x0066
	release 0x0100
	# pilot-link
	attach "/usr/sbin/ppp -auto palm; /usr/local/bin/pi-csd -H tmm324 -a -n"
	detach "/usr/local/bin/pi-detach"

pi-detach is a shell script containing:

/usr/bin/killall ppp
/usr/bin/killall pi-csd

Thomas Moyer
tmm324 at

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