Jason jason at monsterjam.org
Mon Sep 27 14:42:24 PDT 2004

ive installed 3ddesktop 0.2.7 from ports
im running x.org 6.7 on a 386 box with a voodoo 3 2000 box.. I have 
tdfx.ko loaded  and 
dmesg reports
info: [drm] Initialized tdfx 1.0.0 20010216 on minor 0

but when I run 3ddesk, I get
[root at bush]# 3ddesk
Attempting to start 3ddesktop server.
Daemon started.  Run 3ddesk to activate.
3ddeskd: glXIsDirect failed, no Direct Rendering possible!
3ddeskd: Please configure hardware acceleration.  Exiting.

any ideas?


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