[OT] Re: Backup Mail Server Questions

Nico Meijer nico.meijer at zonnet.nl
Mon Sep 27 12:44:19 PDT 2004

Hi Doug,

Point taken. Wrong example, imho, but point taken. ;-)

 > They will have no problem
> convincing Joe Sub-Average juror (of which there will be more than 
> enough to go around) that you were the cause of Joe Average computer 
> users' loss of his entire retirement savings.

I have just enough faith in even the American legal system that the 
judge will rule that Joe Average should not have put his entire 
retirement savings on an email line, but rather some real time (or as 
close as can be), secured communication channel.

I may be wrong though, who knows.

If what you say were real life, what about the standard 4 hour delay in 
the default 'deferred' message to Joe Average?

Don't answer that. This is turning OT way too fast (my bad).

Bye... Nico

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