Backup Mail Server Questions

Nico Meijer nico.meijer at
Mon Sep 27 11:39:12 PDT 2004

Hey Bill,

Black mode is on, here. ;-)

> Are you saying that it's better for users not to know that their mail
> has been delayed?

Unfortunately, yes. That is what I am saying.

On a technical level, I totally disagree with myself. On a practical,
day-to-day operations level I have to admit I'd rather not handle the calls.

> It's better for them to assume that it arrived when
> it really hasn't?

Yes. Same restrictions apply.

> If folks run around in a panic, then it's a training issue, not an
> excuse for you to quell useful informational messages.

As much as I hate to admit it: regular people don't want their
mailservers to bitch at them *no matter what happens*, unless they are
down (in which case they don't bitch either ;-) ). You know, the same 
people that shut their brain off when turning their computers on.

Regular folks don't understand how mail works. They have no clue
whatsoever. They don't _want_ to have a clue either. They are just
behaving like consumers, again. Do you *really* want to know what's on 
your plate at dinner? ;-) I do, maybe you too, but most people don't.

If I had a dime for every time I have had to discuss how mail delivery
actually works to Joe Average or his Windows NT/2000 systems
administrator... boy.

> Again, I have many _very_ strong opinions on how email should be
> managed, this is one of them.

I happen to have a very strong opinion on the grim state of humanity
in general and regular, everyday, Joe Average computer users in 
particular. I am therefore strongly biased. ;-)

I disagree with you on the secondary DNS part (but I'm leaving that, I
have work to do ;-) ), I technically agree with you on the MX part.

I'll try to get out of black mode now :-) ... Nico

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