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1.  Quote of the Week
2.  Jokes You Can Tell in Class
3.  Eworkbook of the Week
4.  Makeworksheets.com Printable Activity Of The Week
5.  ExamBuddy.com On-line Activity Of The Week
6.  Downloads of the Week
7.  Lesson Plan of the Week
8.  The Latest From Our Message Board
9.  The On-line Teacher Poll of the Week
10. Results Of Last Week's Teacher Poll
11. Our Latest "Teaching Idea that Worked!"
12. This Week in History
13. Best on the Web for Teachers
14. Subject Matter Site of the Week
15. Teaching Theme of the Week
16. Teachnology Cool Tool of the Week

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1. Quote of the week-

"Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach."

~Albert Einstein~

2. Jokes You Can Tell in Class-

*Move the Car*

My husband, Carl, grew increasingly displeased as our teenage 
daughter and her boyfriend studied in her room late one evening. 
Finally losing patience shortly after midnight, he knocked 
sharply on her door. Her boyfriend immediately opened it and 
asked if something was wrong. 

"I have to ask you to move your car," Cal told him. 

"Oh, sure. Is it in someone's way?" 

"No," Carl replied, "it's at the wrong address." 

>Want To See More Jokes?? View Our Jokes Page<


3. Electronic Workbook of the Week

Capitalization and Basic Punctuation Workbook

There are 29 worksheets in this collection. The first ten focus
on the rules of correct capitalization. The second ten include
worksheets that address various basic punctuation skills. The
final nine focus on both capitalization and basic punctuation.
These are appropriate for elementary grades.

>Visit This Workbook<



This workbook is free to all Gold Members.  Gold members can
find this workbook by logging in at:


You can search for the title.

Our Gold Membership allows members to download thousands of 
valuable resources including: activities, worksheets, PowerPoint® 
templates, Excel® templates, Word® templates, web graphic sets, 
music loops, and sound effects. 

A message from a current member:

-"For a teacher...it's like being a kid in a candy store with 
unlimited money!"- Jane R ., Grade 7 Science

>To download this workbook instantly, navigate to<


4.  Makeworksheets.com Printable Activity of the Week

*Coordinate Graphing Worksheet*

This graphing worksheet is a sample of what our new Graphing
Worksheet Maker can do for you. This application creates instant
bar, coordinate, line, and pie graph worksheets.

You can customize the size of the graphing space, data set names,
number of variables, and the range of the data for students to

Math worksheets can be created in HTML or .pdf format for 
great print quality. 

Platinum members will find this application under our Math 
Maker section.

>This printable is available at this page<


Note: All activities of the week are created using our platinum
site. Our Platinum tools allows members to make, edit, and 
save custom puzzle, awards, timelines, mazes, decoders, 
patterns, math worksheets, rubrics, lesson plans, graphic 
organizers, and language arts worksheets. Now you 
can create time lines, awards, patterns, newsletters, 50 
customizable basic math worksheets, 16 types of fraction 
worksheets, new missing digit math worksheets, graph paper, 
equation makers, mazes, and secret decoder pages. 

A message from a current teacher:

"This platinum membership makes life so much easier! Thanks!"
- Carol K.

>To learn more about our platinum tools, navigate to<


5.  Silver On-line Activity Of The Week

*Halloween Word Search Game- file name: Halloweensearch*

This is a simple example of ExamBuddy's ability to make custom 
word searches. The game is java-based, please wait for it to 

Exambuddy creates the activity for you. Anyone can do it!

>You see the activity here<


>See what else ExamBuddy can do for you<



ExamBuddy-  http://www.exambuddy.com/


All on-line activities of the week are created using our Silver site.
Our Silver membership allows members to create: 30+ online
learning activities, learning games, online quizzes, online 
calendars, printable tests, math games, class web pages, electronic 
newsletters, learning units, language arts games, class surveys.
Student progress can be monitored through the automatic item
analysis feature that can be used with on-line quizzes and 
surveys. Development is effortless; just add words and clues. 

All the activities featured above can be found in the ExamBuddy 
directory. Members can easily add them to their accounts for
their own use.

A message from a current member:

Nancy Newhouse, 3rd Grade Teacher- "Thank you for creating an
outstanding suite of tools for teachers, like me. Finally,
somebody gets it! We (teachers) need everything in one simple
package that does everything we need it to do. My students and
parents thank you most of all!"

>To learn more about our ExamBuddy program, navigate to<


6. Download of the Week-

PC Download:

*The Civil War at a Glance*
"Overview of the Civil War with maps, Original Pictures & 
Profiles. The Emancipation Proclamation & The Gettysburg 
Address By Abraham Lincoln. Profiles on Ulysses S. Grant / 
Jefferson Davis / Robert E. Lee You are free to give it to 
friends and classmates."

Mac Download:


"CuliDataBase is a user-friendly application for managing recipes. 
It supports Apple Guide and QuickTime. A simple mouse-click lets 
you add ingredients to a shopping list. Recipes can be scaled up 
or down, according to the number of servings. The program has many 
import, export, and copy features, as well as built-in self-repair 
functions. CuliDataBase also contains a list of culinary terms."

To Download These Applications & Others Visit:


7. Lesson Plan of the Week-

Make a Living Graph

"Children learn to translate a concrete activity into a 
graphic representation, in this case, a bar graph."

>Find it here<


To View 27,300+ Lesson Plans, Ideas, and Worksheets Visit:


8. The Latest From Our Message Board-


Reading Groups?: 

I have been teaching for a while and a few of my fellow 
teachers have started using reading groups in their classrooms. 
I'm really not sure what they or how to use them in the classroom. 

Can anyone share their experience with reading groups? Do they 
work? How do you set them up.

Many thanks for your input.


Voice Your Thoughts On This Topic:

If you have a response for this question, please view the
web address below to post your thoughts on the topic:


9. The On-line Teacher Poll of the Week

This is a new weekly on-line poll. Results of this poll will 
be published in next week's newsletter.  Cast your vote now!

This week's poll:

Does the use of graphing calculators in the classroom strengthen
student understanding?

-No, it dilutes the concept.

To cast your vote, visit:


Make sure to refresh your browser if you voted in last week's poll.

10. *Results Of Last Week's Teacher Poll*

The poll question was:

Does bad weather affect student performance?

Results:                  Total Votes: 225

85.8%- Yes
14.2%- No

Our Teacher Poll Archive Is Available Here:


11. "Our Latest Idea that Worked!"

"Clothes Game"

By: Shyrley Smyth, Teacher

"Gather articlesof clothing, e.g. skirt, shirt, hat, gloves, 
scarf, longjohns, jersey, cardigan etc. and put it in a 
pillowcase. Have students stand in a circle, play some music 
fast and loud, and students pass the pillow case around to the
sound of the music. Stop the music suddenly and the student 
holding the case puts their hand in and pulls out an item and 
must put it on. Keep on doing it until all items are used, 
making sure a different student gets an item. I then discuss 
the name, the use, and material of the item before they put 
them back in the bag... a great fun game for all levels and 
all ages of students."

***What Worked for You? PLEASE Take a minute to tell us!***
***Be Heard! Your ideas will appear on our site.***




>See our complete teaching ideas archive, view<


12. This Week in History-

1639 - 1st printing press in America
1775 - American Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen captured 
1934 - Lou Gehrig plays in his 1,500th consecutive game
1956 - 1st transatlantic telephone cable goes into operation (Scot-Canada) 

**Keep Up with What Happened in History**

See What Happened Today In History:


13. Best on the Web for Teachers-

Featured Sites of the Week:

Infant Resources- http://www.infant-resources.co.uk

OnlineSchoolInfo.Com- http://www.onlineschoolinfo.com

To see more of the best of the web for teachers, please visit
this site:


14. Subject Matter Site of the Week-

This Week's Subject Matter: Create A Graph


15. Teaching Theme of the Week-

This Week's Theme: Graphing

A ton of resources on the topic of the week.


16. Teachnology Cool Tool of the Week-

Functional Behavioral Assessment Generator: This generator 
can help you begin to to address a chronic behavior problems. 

Available Here:


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