IP address conflicts

bsdfsse bsdfsse at optonline.net
Sun Sep 26 22:17:14 PDT 2004


Could you run a packet sniffer (like Etheral), and log the traffic for 
the specific IP's in question?  You would see when the MAC address 
changed for a given IP.

Once you knew their MAC address, you could log all their traffic.  Maybe 
block their traffic.  Ban them from your network.


Tim Aslat wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have an annoying situation in a school I do casual work in their IT
> department.  There are a number of individuals within the system who
> think it's funny to allocate an IP address on a workstation identical to
> the network's proxy/web/mail servers.  What I'd like to know is, would
> there be any way of preventing this short of spending quite a lot of
> money on managed switches an the like?
> I'm unable to restrict access to settings on the machines, as they are
> notebooks owned by the students/staff and could be legitimately plugged
> in anywhere in the network.
> Unfortunately solitary confinement on bread & water, or public
> floggings aren't an option.
> Any suggestions?
> Cheers
> Tim

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