linksys WUSB12 5.2.1 wicontrol?

Wopr Proctor woprt2 at
Sun Sep 26 21:33:02 PDT 2004

Hey, trying to get my WUSB12 wireless usb card working here. It's running 
prism3 (im pretty sure). My man page for wi(4) doe NOT list it as being 
supported, but interestlingly the MirOS man wi(4) DOES list it as being 
supported (experimentally). I'm just wondering if anyone is working on this 
or if there is anyway i can somehow get the latest version of wi/wicontrol.

Also, when i try wicontrol, it says wicontrol: SIOCGWAVELAN: Device not 
configured, but im guessing this would be solved from the wi driver side and 
not some usb side.

I'm trying to do this on a really old pentium2 233mhz c350 fujistu lifebook

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