[OT] Anyone know a good counterpart to this list for Mac OS X?

John Mills johnmills at speakeasy.net
Sun Sep 26 18:07:23 PDT 2004

Eric, all -

On Sun, 26 Sep 2004, Eric Crist wrote:

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> Sorry for the off-topic question.  I was wondering if anyone is aware 
> of a good counterpart to this list for Mac OS X.  Possibly even 
> containing people from this list who've moved to a Mac?  I just moved 
> my primary workstation to a PowerBook G4 and I'm starting to have some 
> techie questions that I can't quite figure out.

I used to read AMUG users list <amug-talk at schedule.amug.org>, until they 
moved to only-paid-subscribers-can-post. Your usage may justify paying for 

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