cannot see Windows after installing FreeBSD

stheg olloydson stheg_olloydson at
Sun Sep 26 15:28:16 PDT 2004

it was said:

>I still cannot boot Windows so I set the BIOS to boot
>from the slave hard disk that has Windows first and it
>gave me the following error:
>NTLDR is missing
>press ATL-CTRL-DEL to restart

>> I am a newbie to FreeBSD. I have a Pentium 3, 5oo

As an aside, using FreeBSD will be MUCH easier to learn and use if you
don't use a lower case letter "o" in place of the numeral "0".

>> computer that I put two hard drives in. I added a
>> hard drive (master) and an 80G hard drive (slave).
>> Initially, windows XP was installed on both hard
>> drives.

When you say this, do you mean that you installed XP on the 80GB drive,
then added a 4.3GB drive and then installed XP that? Or do you mean you
installed part of XP on the 4.3GB drive and part on the 80GB? Or do you
mean you installed XP on the 4.3GB and the 80GB was an extended
partition containing logical drives, such as D:, E:, F:, G:, etc that
XP had access to?
The answers to these questions determine what must be done in order to
get you back into XP.

>> Last night, I decided to install FreeBSD 4.10 on
> the
>> 4.3G hard drive and keep windows on the 80G.
> Anyway,
>> after I installed FreeBSD, I couldn't gain any
> access
>> to Windows XP on the 80G hard drive. What
> happened? Do
>> I have to reinstall windows? 

You'll have to answer my preceding questions to know the answer to
two questions.



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