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it was said:

> % man 1 chmo
> whaT  does (%) sign means here? root ,user or something else?
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The % is the "shell prompt." It marks the place where you should type
in the command you wish to execute. The symbol depends on which shell
you are using. The % is used by csh and tcsh, the default shell for
FreeBSD. If you "su" to root, the symbol changes to #. Of course, you
can change these symbols to whatever you want; but if I were you, I
would learn a great deal more about FreeBSD before worrying about that.
You should read the handbook at
(URL may have wrapped) because many of these types of questions are
answered there. Also, I suggest reading
(URL may have wrapped) so that when you ask a question on this list,
you get the best possible answer.



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