Richard Lynch ceo at
Sat Sep 25 20:07:00 PDT 2004

kinux wrote:
>           Fatal error: Call to undefined function: preg_replace() in
> /usr/local/www/acid/ on line 194

You have managed to install PHP *without* the PCRE module (module of PHP).

should lead you to something useful about how/where to get PCRE.

Not sure how that translates into FreeBSD ports system, however.

You can check what PHP modules are installed by creating a PHP file in
your web server with (only) this in it:

<?php phpinfo();?>

I *thought* the PCRE module was built-in to PHP -- at least after 4.0

Check your version of PHP in that output -- You may have managed to
install it twice, and are somehow using an "old" PHP version with

Also try "php -v" on the command line as the Snort user (or whatever
user[s] seem appropriate).

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