Mouse wheel on XOrg 6.7.0 (FreeBSD 5.3-beta5)

David Gerard fun at
Sat Sep 25 15:03:20 PDT 2004

Benjamin Walkenhorst wrote:

 > I have been using PS/2 for mouse and keyboard since I got my first
 > ATX-board. I tried a USB-mouse once, under Linux, and it didn't work, so
 > I never tried again... ;-/ If it has to do with the mouse being a
 > USB-mouse, I'm out of my element. =(

The same mouse on the same box worked in 4.x with XFree86, that's what's
so odd about this ...

 > But wait, does moused work? If not, is it giving any error messages?

Seems to work - I have a mouse cursor when not in X.

 > If moused does not work - or doesn't work with the mousewheel, anyway -
 > won't support the mousewheel, either.
 > You can also try to configure moused via /sbin/sysinstall.

Did that :-)

Thanks anyway :-)

- d.

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