Device polling performance

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Sat Sep 25 13:23:41 PDT 2004

it was said by tm4525 at <Jamie Cohen>:

>The EVIDENCE is to the contrary, since it seems that a 2.4Ghz system
>will be saturated when bridging ~250Kpps with device-polling enabled,
>based on polling stats and userland benchmarking, even though the
>system claims to be 100% idle. Interestingly, its about the same with
>interrupt enabled.
>The POINT is that since there is no way to measure the performance,
>you've got a bunch of guys who think they've figured something out
>touting device-polling without having a clue what the performance
>advantages (or consequences) are, so it might as well be black magic,
>or snake oil, since you are as blind as a bat in your assessments.


Please post your "polling stats and userland benchmarking" results. I
would be very interested seeing them as I was thinking of moving to
NICs that would benefit from polling. However, because you have
"EVIDENCE ... to the contrary", I may hold off. On the other hand, you
do go on to say "there is no way to measure the performance" and "you
are as blind as a bat in your assessments", so also please post your
test methodology. I need to make my decision on reliable, repeatable
Also, when you post, would you please wrap your lines to a shorter
length? Not everyone on the list uses AOL Reader, like you.



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