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Mike Meyer mwm at
Fri Sep 24 08:53:20 PDT 2004

In <20030318095553.F18308 at>, David Bear <David.Bear at> typed:
> I do have cvsup installed, and can run cvsup to update my ports
> collection.  My question is if I already have a package installed,
> running cvsup, the make install again for a preexisting port will mess
> up the pkg-data base right?

Wrong. If you are installing a port a second time, "make install" will
refuse to install the port because it's already installed. If you are
installing an updated port, then the pkg-data will be in a different
place because the port has a different name. The latter case may leave
parts of the first port laying around unused, and deinstalling it will
probably break the second port.

>  So, if I only want to upgrade a single
> port, is the recommended way
> 1) pkg_deinstall
> 2) cvsup ports collection
> 3) pkg_install again (or make install)
> This seems rather poor as I don't want to have all the downtime
> between deinstalling and installing again.

Try this:

1) cvsup ports collection
2) make
3) pkg_deinstall
4) make install

> If I cvsup ports and then make install, is there a fix to update the
> pkg data base?

It's not needed.

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