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In <20030122091717.C6226 at>, David Bear <David.Bear at> typed:
> I'm very impressed with the ports collection.

[Pat jkh on the back, though it's a long reach from here.]

> I have found there are two was to install a port, through pkg_add or
> the make.  I was wondering that if a port were a make, if the
> compiler would do any optimizations on the final executable,
> therefore giving me a faster/smaller/whatever application.  Maybe
> there would be no significant difference.  But, if I have the time
> to wait, is it worth it?

You can set CFLAGS in /etc/make.conf, and those optimizations/machine
types will be used at build time. Whether that makes a difference to
you is up to you.

You can also set build options to change the location where the
executables live - though that tends to cause some ports to fail - or
specify what parts of the package you do/don't want built.

Personally, I always build from ports. If nothing else, having the
source handy is worth a little extra time.

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