Problem with spamass-milter and libmilter sendmail-8.13.1

Ярошенко С.Ю. jaroshenko at
Fri Sep 24 08:47:16 PDT 2004

>You need to make sure that spamass-milter and spamd
are both running,
>or you\'ll get this error.  Actually, because of the
order in which

Yes, spamass-milter and spamd are both running, but I
got error

>sendmail and the various milters are started up, you
might see this
>occasionally during reboots, if mail arrives at just
the wrong time.  
>	Cheers,

May be problem in libmilter of senmail 8.13.1?

I have mail server with senmail 8.12.11 and
spamass-milter and spamassiassin - work without promlem!


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