Ipfw accept rule

Jon Simola jon at abccom.bc.ca
Fri Sep 24 08:37:47 PDT 2004

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, Bikrant Neupane wrote:

> > > Well, I have no problem with the MAC filtering rules.
> > > Only problem that I am having is that the pkts hit the matching rule
> > > twice as a result I get only half of the b/w than that specified in ipfw
> > > pipe command.

Yes, the packets will hit the pipe twice. Once at layer2 and once at
layer3. You're not stopping the packets from passing through a pipe simply
by leaving out a "layer2" from the rule.

ether_input -> ipfw -> ip_input -> ipfw -> network stack

> > > Isn't there a way to construct rules such that matching pkts hit the rule
> > > only once?

Write your ruleset appropriately, or stick "not layer2" on your pipe

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