5.2.1-RELEASE ethernet troubles

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Thu Sep 23 23:47:08 PDT 2004

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> I would have tried that but the PnP config on my BIOS won't let me.
> It only lets you reserve IRQs 3-15 (skipping a few) and these cards
> consistently show up on IRQ 17.

I've run across that too, idiot bios code writers.

Your only option is a fully pnp-aware card.  The ne2000's generally
wern't.  If you must use ISA, a 3com 3c509b set into pnp mode with
the dos configuration program would probably work.  But your probably
better off with a pci card.

If the intel/pro isn't an option then try a cheapie Realtek 8029-based
job (ne2000 clone) and see what happens.  You can often find these in
junk bins and such.  If you want to wait for one I probably have one or
two around here.


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