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Thu Sep 23 12:19:54 PDT 2004

You installed the CGI port.. You  need to install the apache module. CGI
doesn't allow embedded php in the page. 

The port you are looking for specifically is /usr/ports/www/mod_php4

Might be worth your while to look at /usr/ports/lang/php4 though. It allows
compilation of php in various forms. cli, mod, and cgi. All have different
functions and ways of using.

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I have installed Apache Mod_ssl 1.3.29 first then,
I installed PHP using ports in FreeBSD 5.2.1 as:

cd /usr/ports/www/php4-cgi
make install clean

But my PHP doesn't seems to be working, as my simple Hello World program-

$myvar = "Hello World";
echo $myvar;

doesn't give any output.  It just displays the blank page.

Can u guys help me asap, please??!

thanks a lot,

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