Bind 9.3.0 on FreeBSD 5.2.1 followup

kallender at kallender at
Thu Sep 23 08:47:02 PDT 2004

I performed a pkg_delete of bind9, then did a clean install of bind 9.3.0 (final
release) from source on the 5.2.1 machine.  On reboot, I get these messages on

login: Sep 23 10:44:00 bsd named[506]: could not listen on UDP socket:
permission denied
Sep 23 10:44:00 bsd named[506]: creating IPv4 interface de0 failed; interface

followed by similar messages for the other interfaces.

It appears that there are multiple issues here - including problems with named
trying to start before the interfaces are created?

After logging in, a manual start of named from the prompt fails - same errors as
above.  But a ps x | grep named returns two running instances of named...

I'm getting more and more confused.  Perhaps I should just re-install before
this gets too weird?


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