Screen recording utility

Daniela dgw at
Thu Sep 23 08:16:12 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 22 September 2004 22:58, Christian Hiris wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 September 2004 23:20, Daniela wrote:
> > I'm looking for a tool to record everything that can be seen on a given X
> > display. Ideally, it should have support for limiting recording to a
> > single window, but that's not strictly necessary. About four years ago I
> > used Camtasia on Windoze for this, and I need something that produces a
> > similar result, preferably a neat small command line tool.
> graphics/scrot is a commandline utility, which worked fine for me.
> If you in the need to record and replay sessions (ie. for presentations),
> you can do this via net/vnc2swf. As the portname says, this is limited to
> vnc-sessions and does recording in swf-"format". The recorded swf-movies
> can be viewed with realplayer or any other flash capable viewer. Needles to
> say, that this solution eats up some more ressources :)

VNC is probably a bit too much overhead.
There must be some device file where all the screen data goes to. If I knew 
the name of this file, I could write a program that reads from it, and then 
pipe the data through some encoder. That would be more than perfect, but I 
have no clue where to look for this information.

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