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Emanuel Strobl Emanuel.Strobl at gmx.net
Wed Sep 22 14:47:30 PDT 2004

Am Mittwoch, 22. September 2004 23:43 schrieb Bill Moran:
> > > I don't believe you can reliably run both ntpdate and xntpd.  Besides,
> >
> > This is working because ntpdate is invoked only once at startup, which
> > is, in my case, because of possible empty BIOS-Battery where the date
> > would be wrong for several years which causes ntpd to refuse to adjust
> > the time. I use generally ntpdate at startup before ntpd keeps the kernel
> > time in sync.
> Um ... did you read my whole message?

Sorry, no. You're right, next time I'll be more careful.



> Check the ntpd man page on the -g option.  If you are running ntpd, you
> don't need ntpdate.  You answer shows that you are not familiar with the
> ntpd program and didn't read the rest of my email.
> > > if you plan to run xntpd anyway, just set xntpd_flags="-g" and it will
> > > behave the same as ntpdate at startup, as well as running continually
> > > to ensure your clock stays synced.
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