Ntpd assistance

Mike Hogsett hogsett at csl.sri.com
Wed Sep 22 14:25:54 PDT 2004

Richard Lynch wrote:

>>Am I doing something wrong here?  My time seems to go out of sync after
>>my FreeBSD 4.10 box has been up for a couple of hours.  Any help would
>>be greatly appreciated.

After your machine has booted and run in multiuser mode for several minutes
run ntpdc to query ntpd about its status.  The command to see its status with
its time servers is 'peers', e.g.

ntpdc> peers
      remote           local      st poll reach  delay   offset    disp
*zeus.csl.sri.co     2 1024  377 0.00079  0.000651 0.01483
=plato.csl.sri.c     3 1024  377 0.00035 -0.001401 0.01483
=orion.csl.sri.c     3 1024  377 0.00032 -0.001799 0.01483

> It was posted here recenlty that if your security setting is at 1 (?),
> then ntp can only change the clock by 1 second...

init(8) states secure level 2 or above.

  - Mike

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