original wallpapers

Henrik W Lund henrik.w.lund at broadpark.no
Wed Sep 22 14:04:36 PDT 2004

Matthew Seaman wrote:

>On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 09:37:16PM -0700, Henrik W Lund wrote:
>>Bart??omiej Rutkowski wrote:

>Actually, a better route would be to make a port of the wall paper.
>The base system doesn't hold much stuff that is strictly decorative,
>and it doesn't include X window system stuff either.  All that
>generally comes from the ports.

True - I didn't think of that. In light of this, making a port does seem 
like the best solution, yes. That way, more wallpapers can easily be 
added too.

-Henrik W Lund

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