Screen recording utility

William Fletcher ultraviolet at
Wed Sep 22 14:02:56 PDT 2004


The only thing I can suggest is xspy (/usr/ports/security/xspy).
I'm not sure how well it works. There is also xmove, 
which may also be similar to what you're after.

I hope thats helpful.

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 09:20:53PM +0000, Daniela wrote:
> I'm looking for a tool to record everything that can be seen on a given X 
> display. Ideally, it should have support for limiting recording to a single 
> window, but that's not strictly necessary. About four years ago I used 
> Camtasia on Windoze for this, and I need something that produces a similar 
> result, preferably a neat small command line tool.
> If such a thing does not exist, can someone please give me a hint on how I 
> could do it myself in ASM/C/C++/shellscript/whatever? Is it as simple as 
> reading from a device file, or can I just put this feature into the X server?
> Regards,
> Daniela
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