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Henrik W Lund henrik.w.lund at broadpark.no
Wed Sep 22 12:40:00 PDT 2004

Bartłomiej Rutkowski wrote:

>Can anybody tell me to who  I shall mail with question about my wallpaper submission to became 
>'official' and about chances fot that? I think about somebody form freebsd dev team.
>Thanks for any reply, r.

You could just do a send-pr(1), I guess. It's the regular way for us 
mere mortals to submit patches, suggestions and the like. You do run a 
risk of it getting missed, though, so making friends with a committer 
would probably make actually getting things committed a bit easier.

Mind you, though, committers are shy creatures - they mostly stick to 
themselves, emerging from their hideouts only to discuss really 
important commits among themselves (talking out of my ass here, of 
course ;-) ). Alternatively, you may have a better chance of getting 
one's attention over on -hackers or -current (although I probably would 
go the send-pr(1) route. -hackers and -current are rather strictly 
on-topic, I imagine).

Hope this helps!
-Henrik W Lund

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