Fixit floppy/CD

Gary Aitken garya at
Wed Sep 22 11:21:34 PDT 2004

 From backup basics in the handbook:
Try looking in the floppies directory of your distribution for
fixit.flp image.


Henrik W Lund wrote:
> Greetings, list!
> I've been reading about a "fixit floppy" that is supposed to exist 
> somewhere, and a "fixit CD" too, but I can't for the life me find out 
> anything more about them. Googling yields tons of references to 
> "inserting the fixit floppy/CD", but none as to how one goes about 
> making them!
> There is always sysutils/livecd, I know, but I'm not looking for the 
> ultimate in configurability, I just want something that will boot my 
> machine and let me mess around (much like the Win98 boot diskette in 
> days of old). When the port's homepage made references to an "official" 
> version of LiveCD, I surfed the ftp servers but found nothing looking 
> anything like it.
> Can anyone throw me a torch here? Thanks!

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