Portinstall problem (config.guess not found)

Philip Payne philip.payne at uk.mci.com
Wed Sep 22 07:00:49 PDT 2004

> > I just rebuilt the machine as the problem was doing my 
> head-in. Freebsd
> > 5.3-beta5. Basically, X-Developer distro with KDE installed 
> as desktop.
> >
> > The first port I try to to install is generally CVSUP. I get the
> > "config.guess not found" error straight away... as below.
> >
> > I am not sure how to proceed. I'm tempted to fall back to 
> 4-Stable which
> > was working fine. Switching to FreeBSD-5 has been a 
> nightmare. I just
> > wanted to try PF & Fwbuilder2 as a firewall.
> >
> > There doesn't seem to be a lot of posts on the list with 
> this problem so
> > I'm assuming its a problem specific to me... but weird.
> It's not specific to you, let me guess, you're using konsole from KDE?
> And you do a 'su'? Try to 'su -' and everything is fine again.
> Haven't had the time yet to figure out if it's a KDE problem 
> or anything else 
> but I reported this one too and got no answer.

Didn't use Konsole but I am using KDE. It appears to be a problem in aterm &
xterm, but strangely not Eterm.

I do use "su" rather than "su -"

I'm really just a networky person rather than unix sysadmin so its way over
my head as to what the problem is. I'm just happy there's a workaround
rather than having a system I can't update.

I'm happy to assist where possible in identifying what the issue is but
wouldn't have the skill to do it myself.


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