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|>Please DO NOT install any of this, the seti at home project is nearly
|>concluded (the aliens didn't phone home) and the project does not
|>want your CPU cycles wasted on this software.
|>Instead you need to download, compile, and install BOINC from here:
|>and if you want to help the cleanup on seti then compile the seti
|>module and add it into boinc,, otherwise there are other projects
|>that are available that are just as deserving (if not more deserving)
|>that need your CPU cycles far more than SETI does. 
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|>>    I am wondering which version of setiathome is best to install 
|>> on FreeBSD 5.2.1 -RELEASE. linux-setiathome or setiathome?
|>> thanks
|>> Brett

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004 6:11:39 PM

Have you actually tried to compile and run the latest version - 4.09 on
a FreeBSD machine? I am on the BOINC forum, and there are horror stories
there about individuals that have not been able to get BOINC compiled
and running correctly. There was some serious work done on version 4.05,
but it was not perfected. In addition, the GUI is not yet available for
the non-windows version of BOINC, although hopefully it will be soon.

Personally, I run BOINC, with a total of three different projects on a
WinXP machine. It runs there flawlessly.

Just my 2 cents!

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