reload rc.conf during boot process

Markie mark.cullen at
Tue Sep 21 11:28:40 PDT 2004

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| On 2004-09-21 15:04, Markie <mark.cullen at> wrote:
| > Just tested that out and it seems to work, it didn't start up sshd with
| > test config! I had a little problem(?) with rcorder though, I think. I
| > specified
| >
| > # REQUIRE: mountcritlocal
| >
| > and from what I read, I was expecting my script to come up somewhere
| > near mountcritlocal, but it actually appeared after sendmail.. which is
| > miles away. I solved it for now by putting
| >
| > # BEFORE: ipfilter
| >
| > aswell,
| Cool!  This is AFAIK the Right Way(TM) to add things in a specific place
| in the rcorder list.

Alright that's cool :) So long as ipfilter doesn't change in the order, so
it's not straight after mountcritlocal, for whatever reason I will be

| > Thanks alot!!
| You're welcome :)

Thank you :)

I've setup a slave NIS server on my test machine and done some ypsetme
stuff in rc.conf.uea so it only tries to use itself as the NIS server (I
think, seems to work!). Only problem left now the NFS home directory stuff,
looks like I might have to be replacing fstab and copying my home directory
across every so often or something :) Maybe I could try make the little
menu thing a port if it's any use to laptop users, or maybe it's a little
bit too hackish for that.

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