nis/yp question about password file

Evren Yurtesen yurtesen at
Tue Sep 21 08:01:41 PDT 2004

David Wolfskill wrote:

>>can anybody tell what changed in nis/yp that it doesnt work as before 
> PAM, perhaps?

Ah well, I figured the problem out actually... I was too impatient when 
I sent the email... I just upgraded my master nis server to a completely 
new machine and the old one was working in a different IP. Somehow the 
4.x freebsd version clients were connecting to the new one and the 5.x 
freebsd version clients were connecting to the old one... The old one 
had the old passwd file so 5.x versions showed the old data which seemed 
to be funnily wrong.

Now when I disabled NIS server in the old 4.x FreeBSD master server I 
was using, everything came back to normal.

I was so stupid :)


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