Usbd detach event

Mike Woods Mike at
Tue Sep 21 06:54:18 PDT 2004

Im having a small problem with usbd and the detach event on a 
5.1-Release system, simply put it's not running the detach event when a 
usb printer/parallel port (ulptX) is removed.

my usbd.conf entry for it looks like this

device "USB Printer"
        devname "ulpt[0-9]+"
        attach "/usr/bin/perl /usr/local/print/ ${DEVNAME}"
        detach "/usr/bin/perl /usr/local/print/ ${DEVNAME}"

As far as i can see there's nothing wrong with that entry and usbd is 
running the attach event however i rather need the detach event to 
maintain a list of printers available for load balancing!

Any help would be apreaciated.

Mike Woods
IT Technician

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