reload rc.conf during boot process

Markie mark.cullen at
Mon Sep 20 16:23:49 PDT 2004

Is it possible to do this somehow?

I was trying my hand out at C and made a cool little menu for myself. It
looks for files in /etc/ which are named rc.conf.xxxxx and lists them in
the menu. Then, when you select one on boot, it copies the selected
configuration file to rc.conf. I put my program in... the rc.d mount
script, so that the disk is mounted writeable at the time and my C program
is able to issue cp (bad way I know) to replace rc.conf. After running my
program in the rc.d mount script I then did a

. /etc/rc.conf

but rc.conf doesn't get reloaded. The file is being copied over, as when I
reboot it starts using the copied over configuration. I am not sure if .
/etc/rc.conf is supposed to load a file in? I just saw it in some other
script and assumed that's what it was doing.

Thanks in advance

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