periodic scripts

Peter Rosa prosa at
Mon Sep 20 00:30:28 PDT 2004

Hi all,

please what is your opinion and possible repair of following.

I have FreeBSD 4.10-REL-p2, cvsup+make world last week. It happened few
times in last half-year, that server discontinue sending reports from
"periodics daily". I run it manually and see "ps ax", but the only checks
are started are those about security. And the only report send is "security
report". The "daily report" is never created. This status will remain until
the next update.

There is no difference between /usr/src/etc/default/periodic.conf and
/etc/default/periodic.conf. I have reated my own /etc/periodic.conf.local,
but I set only daily_status_XXX etc. variables, daily_output="root".

Question - what is causing this; has anybody experience with this; how to
repair it without "make world" ?

Best regards,

Peter Rosa

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