deleting mails

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Sun Sep 19 19:08:49 PDT 2004

susmit sarkar wrote:

>Dear Sir/Madam,
>I know that the question I am asking might sound very stupid. 
>But it has me really perplexed. It relates to Unix mail. I use 
>the d command to delete mails. Like 
>d <message_number>
>d <message-list>
>But sometimes I find that the mails get deleted and sometimes 
>not. I want the mails that I delete to be deleted sure shot. 
>I have tried exiting using q but still the mails are there when
>I check back later. We have a BSD system. Please advise me how 
>I can delete mail that I want deleted without the fear of it 
>reappearing again when I log in and check the next time.
Now, you're not really *afraid* of the mails are you?  :-)

My two cents --- you're using mail at the command line, right?
I'd install mutt (/usr/ports/mail/mutt), and use it as your client.
IMHO, the best thing I ever did for my CLI mail was to install
mutt and alias "mail" to "mutt" in my .cshrc ...


Kevin Kinsey

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