Apache13 + mod_php segfault at startup

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at daleco.biz
Sat Sep 18 15:28:58 PDT 2004

Paul Schmehl wrote:

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>Subject: Apache13 + mod_php segfault at startup
>>Any suggestions at all are welcomed. I'm willing to try anything at
>>this point. It was all working beautifully until I did a portupgrade of
>>apache and mod_php. I really wish I would've just left it alone.
>Did you read /usr/ports/UPDATING?  The php port has changed.  Now, you do a
>base install, and then you install the extensions separately.  And you have
>to make sure to comment out the extensions_dir variable in your php.ini
>I'd bet that's what your problem is.

Well, you might have to pony up the cash.  As of last night,
I've got both this issue and the portupgrade/ruby segfault
messing with my mind.  Matt Seaman had posted something
about incompatible openssl libs; I'm currently trying a complete
buildworld/installworld cycle.  However, if commenting out the
extensions dir in php.ini would help, I'm game to try; but when
I did it, PHP complained it couldn't load its modules....

No flame intended, but something weird seems to be in the
water this weekend...

Kevin Kinsey

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