Sound problem, help.

Jan C. Meyer jcm at
Sat Sep 18 02:49:30 PDT 2004

> [...] what i wonder for is, its mention in handbook that
> it suppoze to be device sound...but sound it gives an error.

If I've understood correctly, the sound drivers have been 
renamed after 5.2.1R. Does your copy of the handbook 
correspond to 5.1R?

> and the error msg in KDE says:
> aRts control tool, (sorry- aRts had to restart)
>  when i try to run the command artsd from shell, it just hang.!

It's supposed to - I was hoping you'd get some informative 
error message, but oh well...
What is the output of this, then:
artswrapper & ; artsshell status ; artsshell terminate

>   I really would appreciate it if you could help :(

Can't make any promises - I'm just guessing from a hunch, 
because I used to have a superficially similar problem.

 -Jan Christian Meyer

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