Apache Installation

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at daleco.biz
Fri Sep 17 16:43:40 PDT 2004

digish reshamwala wrote:

>I am a novice at FreeBSD!  I want to install apache v 1.3.28 in my FreeBSD 
>Can u guys help me?  How to proceed?

I see another post in which someone has taken great pains
to explain a lot.

In a nutshell, though, it's this:
1.  Make sure you're connected to the Internet.
2.  Make sure you have superuser privileges (su to root).
3.  Then:

#cd /usr/ports/www/apache13
#make install clean

See the Handbook chapter on "installing 3rd party software."

Kevin Kinsey

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