RELENG_5: KDE upgrade Catch-22

Mark Ovens marko at
Fri Sep 17 13:34:15 PDT 2004

Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> On Friday 17 September 2004 21:14, Mark Ovens wrote:
>> Hmmm, if I delete XFree86-libraries then X won't run, and without
>> KDE won't run  :-/
>> Anyone have a solution to this conundrum please?
> Yes: Update all of XFree86 to the latest version in ports (4.4).
> XFree86-libraries does contain The real conundrum is how you 
> ended up with a system like this.  I can make a few guesses: You upgraded KDE
> via packages

Running ''portupgrade -PPRa'' I guess. I had been having problems caused 
by the compiler changes and read in this list, or -questions, an answer 
to a question about the same problem where the advice was to u/g all 
your ports via packages (or uninstall them all and rebuild from ports).

portupgrade(1) skipped XFree86.

  - that KDE has been built against xorg (which is the default X
> distribution for 5.3 and contains, while XFree86-4.3 only 
> contains a libXinerama.a).

Are you saying the KDE packages are built against xorg? I guess that 
explains all the dependencies on xorg that I kept having to delete using 
''pkgdb -F''. Is that the real reason KDE won't run? Would switching to 
xorg be the best solution in the long run then (now is the time for me 
to do it if it is)? I guess that would mean rebuilding all my X apps 
that weren't installed from packages.

Thanks for the quick and detailed reply.



> Or maybe you compiled KDE yourself - against Xorg or XFree86-4.4 and then 
> downgraded to XFree86-4.3?

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